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Get the Career You Want in 2016

It is a new year and you or someone you know are thinking it’s time for a career change. Does a career that can begin in a few months without the need to get a college degree sound appealing? How about a career where an individual can manage their own time, earning potential and business? If this sounds like something you want, you may be looking for a career in real estate.

Becoming a Licensed Real Estate Agent

State requirements to become a real estate agent can vary. However, all states require completion of a minimum number of classes, a background check, various fees, and of course, passing the licensing exam.

With many programs, including online courses, the entire process can be completed in approximately three to four months. That means if you start now, you could have the career of your dreams by the summer!

Once you make the decision to start a real estate career and complete the state requirements, the next step is selecting a broker or brokerage.

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